Skin in the Game

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March 12, 2013 by michaelchanrubio

One of the challenges I’ve faced ever since my earliest attempts at online (and therefore public) journal keeping concerns how much of myself to share; that is, selecting from what I personally experience what to reserve from public. I actually took down so much material after being warned how this would hurt me career-wise, or worse.

However, while I enjoy articles that keep within a particular domain what I enjoy more is when the writer really gets into it, all first person and talks from a personal place. Done well, it makes for a very fulfilling read. I prefer it the most, and I’ll do more of it here. I’m still human and I’m putting some of my own skin in this blogging game.

I’m flailing all over the place doing both line and HR management for a franchiser in the food and beverages industry here in the Philippines. Our biggest challenge is catching up with, or finally getting caught up by, our tremendous growth the past two years. At some point we’ve been opening a new shop every month, and this wild growth brings with it a storm of problems, and more than quite a few on the people end.

One category of such problems arise from the franchise model. Each franchised entity is a company unto itself, and were founded while there wasn’t a strong HR presence from the franchisor end, and are themselves without human resources management. Many of these new franchises are owned and run by first time entrepreneurs. After spending most of my career in national and transnational organizations, the entrepreneurial environment is a whole different world.

It’s funny how I started out writing this blogging project Human Being Managed to demonstrate some domain expertise. I think I have more to learn by sharing my experience (and through the contribution of others) than any attempt at schooling readers about management.

This isn’t quite a pivot in terms of blog scope or purpose, but rather an acknowledgment of what I can really get out of an engaged readership.


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