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We (managers, entrepreneurs, investors) optimize businesses for profit. We make things as efficient as we can; using better processes, more automation — reducing human error, reducing cost of sales or service. This presents a conflict with one of the important social values of a business which is to provide humans with livelihoods (not to mention the opportunities for self-expression, actualization, socialization, and the like).

We (blog authors) started this site not pretending to know the (re)solution to this conflict, but it is what we think about. It frames the narratives of our careers. Our background is in Human Resources, and it influences our practice as managers and entrepreneurs.

This internet log is a repository of our conversations, meditations, and introspection — sometimes offered as advice for the consideration of current and would-be entrepreneurs, founders, managers, and supervisors. In the pursuit of starting up, building, and engineering businesses that are faster, better, and cheaper, we still work with humans.

Until when? How best? With whom?

Hold on. We’ll look into all of it with you.


Share your thoughts, human.

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